Eye Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Trying to apply eye makeup on small eyelids or hooded eyes can sometimes be discouraging especially as a beginner. Here are our top 5 tips for creating gorgeous eye makeup looks on hooded eyes.

  1. Prime your eyes: a good eye primer prevents your gorgeous eye makeup from disappearing as you blink.
  2. Lift the arch/tail of your eyebrows: lifting your brows opens up your eyes and gives your more space to play with and the freedom to try looks with multiple pigments.
    Red and orange eyeshadow look on girl
  3. Blend past your crease: blending your eyeshadow upwards past your eyelid crease makes your pigments more visible whilst your eyes are open.
  4. Highlight your inner corner: using a light colour for your inner corner adds dimension too your eyes. Applying dark colors across your lid and into your inner corners will make your eyes look smaller and less bright.
  5. Take it easy with the eyeliner: a thick eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller so here less is really more. A bonus tip is to start the eyeliner from the middle or two thirds of the eye and taper along the lash line.
    Eyeshadow and eyeliner on girl with hooded eyes

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