Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge - 4 pack

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Our makeup blenders come in 4 shapes to help you cover all those hard-to-reach areas. Use these sponges for blending foundation, baking your setting powder or contouring your cheekbones - in fact, makeup sponges might just be the most versatile makeup tool ever. Makeup sponges allow you to build up layers of foundation, concealer seamlessly and, when used damp, they help to seamlessly blend product into the skin for natural-looking coverage.

Mist your sponge with setting spray to seal in your foundation or concealer as you blend. Be sure to dab and blend for the most flawless look.

Use it wet: for liquid foundations, concealers, and contour.

Use it dry: for powders, blush and highlighters.

Product care:

Hand wash with a gentle soap and water, then let air dry.